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Good To Knows

De-icing Practices

De-icing of roads has traditionally been done with salt. Sodium chloride (rock salt) is normally used, however, in extreme cold temperatures salt becomes less effective. A R O Enterprises, Inc. uses customized spray equipment with a trademark liquid blend to help ice melt below 18 degrees. This not only reduces the impact of salt on the environment but also activates salt more quickly.

Protecting Your Landscape Through Winter

As stated above, use of a liquid brine mix as a pre or post treatment will reduce the salt content in your beds and turf. Also, using a blend of ice melting solutions such as: potassium and magnesium blended, salt de-icers and heated walk ways when used in combination will reduce the amount of any one materials resulting in a safer and healthier property.

Protecting your landscape plants, especially evergreens, is vital in the first two years of planting. Suggested methods are snow fencing, burlap trunk wraps and winter tree sprays. Also, adding encapsulated lime to selected turf areas will reduce turf repair damage in spring.

Budget Friendly Seasonal Décor and Color Ideas

An easy way to increase the color show of your property in spring is the use of crocus, hyacinths, alliums and native tulips. Planting these bulbs every year will increase your curb appeal while keeping your spring budget the same. Note, these plant materials should be planted in non-seasonal beds to ensure they bloom each year. Caution, watch out for squirrels as they love to snack on tulips.

Mixing perennials in your summer beds will reduce your square footage for flowers. For fall, change things up with kale, cabbages and grasses mixed in with mums to further extend your fall bloom. Winter décor is vital to the look of your property and will be there for several months. Although each property is unique, try a basic evergreen look incorporating a variety of branching and color décor for the holidays.

Solutions to Your Outdoor Water Management

Managing your property’s water, that being irrigation systems, run off water and poor soil conditions is vital to the longevity of your site. A thorough irrigation audit is needed every three to five years to make sure your landscape is being properly watered. Over watering can cause flooding, damage to plant material and increase costs in water annually.

Excavation of poor soils in certain areas such as parking lot islands is needed, especially when considering new plant material such as trees and shrubs. This process should take place every four to five years. Excavation and grading will also protect your property from water damage.

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